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soya tea and a songbird...

beloved journal, how strange to have formed such emotional resonance with you after such a brief acquaintance. softly you husk this form thru, into a dozen bluebells, sifting about my skins like a delicacy of silks and softs. how words can surrender my being to the winds. how is it thus? how can nothing fulfil, nothing be yearned, nothing be desired, but this, your spaces, your capacity for dreaming?

oh sweet and floated being, too tapered to cloak the stars, but free enough to liberate this, how this is all i esteem to be, how this is all the love that i shall ever know or ever desire to know, this, my worded friend, my sacred soul-spun songbird of rainbows and hearts.

something stilts tonight, something silent but more. a song is being sung, and is directly bled into the mists which surround. so, have decided bring completion upon the night, to savour the sweetest sort of lull, by partaking of the decadent and sacred leaf - tea. tea, sweet poison of the soul, english vice of fashion and poise. sweet tea saturated with a tender edge of soya cream.

thus, with tea and apathy i bid you peace xX
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This also needs to be done ASAP as the archive shows disappear the following week.

WARNING: The track that follows is Bon Jovi's Living on a prayer.
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Ive just found a Kate Bush community on live journal, just search for gaffa under username

Im missing you lovely lai x