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a few interests...

LJ Interests meme results

  1. art:
    art is about expression and portrayel of beauty, natural or formed, dreamt or perceived. my father was a wondrous talent with a canvas and some oils, my love for art is a part of my adoration of him and the beauty he beheld and begot.
  2. astrology:
    i'm crazily obsessed, rather infuriatingly for alot of people around me, with astrology and starsigns. i usually try to find out who is what and forge relations with them thereof. call it a type of defensive astro-fascism or a deep recognition of our relation to the stars as natural being forged from the creative animation of Nature itself. actually, its probably double trouble.
  3. bowie:
    a wonderful musician and part of the glam-rock imagery and raw musical romantism that i love! low and station to station are my faves and i've recently got my hands on the very rare three-cd live set of him 'at the beeb', haunting and gratifyingly great!
  4. carry on films:
    kenneth williams was another of my obsessions as a child. afetr reading his diaries i tried to consume the very essence of him through his comic genius and personal desolation. my respect for him remains and i adore the fabulous sauce and satire of the very naughty carry on genre!
  5. dreams:
    if if weren't for dreams, i'd be lost within this very real place, without that song of truth within, and without the burgeoning kaliedoscope of rainbow tracing the surrounding of this mind.
  6. film noir:
    naked tango - possibly the most influential film of my life. a beautifully set b-movie set in a Spanish Brothel in the twenties portraying the life of alba, a raven-haired heroine, who gets introduced to prostitution, love, naked tango and tragedy. beautiful.
  7. love:
    an incurable romantic, i treasure all things romantique! from chocolate box moments, rich blood-red roses, dancing on the patio or cuddling up on the sofa with a good film, i'm there like the most pathetic of puppy-dog smittens, lapping up the cuteness and the heart-spun charm.
  8. mansun:
    nothing beats the lover draped, and thus, my teen love affair with mr paul draper (lead-singer) spawned a saga of tears and obsession, a phone call to the fan-line to propose marriage, an ex-boyfriend who bore resemblage to the original stripper vicar, and even a backstage canoodle! oh, and lastly but most importantly, perhaps led to the forging of one of the most precious friendships of my life.
  9. marmite:
    that brown gooey heavenous gunk, who can resist its charms! me and me ole mate mave used to commit mutual sniffage of this lush and brain-happy stuff on random debauched nights about town on the baileys and alco-pop razzle! bless it and the Lord Marmite, Creator, and establisher of Marmiteonism, the cult of B-vit truth.
  10. mills and boon:
    i can honestly admit that my life would not be what it is now without the romantic lull of M & B. began reading them when i was but twelve years old and they saved my life. literally. and not many people say that i'm sure!

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My darling Marmette, not only did i love reading more about you, im truely touched by the Mansun reference.
It was wonderful hearing off you, wish i could put into words the beauty i feel rushing over me whenever we talk x