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softly soaked with optimism...

dear journal, ah the day feels light, too light! lightness blinds as it mystifies, seems too complete and euphoric somehow, too full of wonder! filled with recouperation, smoked haddock fishcakes, and some gooey substance called good loving, what could be more bonne?!

the only cloud tho, seem bound to the tides, always. but one day, that some beautiful 'one' day, being shall fall into these swollen tides and be unutterly complete, without thought or nonsensical sad. shall be full then.

but as it is, yes, today has been a very good day, filled with the blessed content of 'moving on' and shifting into that new plain where freshness and tomorrow truly means that, and nothing but.

dearest journal, take care until our next conversant 'tryst' of yearning and otherness.

a myriad of rosebuds,
tinkering about a slight of breeze xX
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Hello beauty, I'm currently writting a letter to you but have realised I need your new address - will you text/email it to me? I hope all goes well with the move and work. Soon you'll be rich(er)!